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Jean Louise Green - Author and Certified Rolf Practioner, CMT

In this illustrated guide to Dr. Ida P. Rolf ’s Structural Integration process, Jean Louise Green introduces the principles of Structural Integration and details each of the 10 sessions in the Structural Integration bodywork series, explaining what to expect and how to maximize the benefits. She explores the relationship between the energetics of the body and its alignment, including an advanced scientific understanding of how gravity can become a beneficial force when the body is properly aligned. She provides clear, accessible descriptions of core concepts such as the Rolf “Line” and the torus, including a detailed explanation of how to access the energetics of the Rolf “Line.” She illustrates the rotation patterns of the body and explains how they contribute to pain and how correcting them can remove the need for hip and knee replacements. She provides movement exercises and support tools for self-care and maintenance between sessions and explains optimal body mechanics for moving, sitting, and standing as well as how to avoid putting stress and strain back into the body.

The author also explores how to incorporate Joseph Heller’s psycho-emotional Hellerwork method in the Structural Integration process and looks at holistic support tools such as electromagnetic resonancing, far-infrared saunas, essential oils, gratitude practices, meditation, chanting, and the Five Tibetans yogic exercises.

Offering an energy medicine approach to bodywork, this guide provides both practitioners and laypeople with the necessary tools to dramatically increase the efficiency of the body, release chronic pain, improve mental function, and free energy flow.

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