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Meet Jean Louise Green, A Certified Rolf Practitioner in Chico, CA

Jean Louise moved to Chico in 1999 from Hilo, HI where she raised her family, studied massage, and coached competitive level state champion gymnasts. It was in 1986 that she received her HI state massage license. By 1991, she earned her certification as a practitioner of Structural Integration in the Dr. Ida Rolf Method. In 1997 and 1998, she had the good fortune of a two year apprenticeship with an Advanced Level II rolfer who was one of 13 people in the world to complete that level of advanced training directly under Dr. Rolf.

Jean Louise's professional affiliations include membership with the Guild for Structural Integration, a current state of HI massage license, CA certification as a massage therapist, CA certification to teach therapeutic massage, and the position of senior staff member of Chico Therapy Wellness Center, a massage school where she has taught basic and advanced level deep tissue classes since 2005.

Since 1991, Jean Louise has maintained a full time practice as a practitioner of Structural Integration. Known for her work with injuries, Jean Louise successfully works to ease sciatic problems, frozen shoulders, fibromyalgia, rotation problems involving the core and extremities, scoliosis, plantar fascitis, lordosis, kyphosis, lower back and neck problems with disc involvement, carpal tunnel, ankle, knee and repetitive stress problems, as well as myofascial sprains and strains from sports injuries.