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Meet Jean Louise Green, A Certified Structural Integration Practitioner in Chico, CA

Jean Louise Green was trained by Dr. Rolf’s first generation teachers.  From 2004-2018, Green taught basic and advanced level deep tissue classes as a certified teacher of therapeutic massage and senior staff member of Chico Therapy Wellness Center. She is a professional member of the Guild for Structural Integration, The International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  Green works and lives in Chico, California where she maintains a full-time Structural Integration practice.  

Green is the author of Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork.

Client Testimonials  

“I came to Jean Louise for help because of an injury to my ACL of the right knee. I was in a lot of pain that affected quality of life. I had also been told that I would need an operation to regain mobility. After the Ten Sessions of Rolfing, I no longer have any pain in my right knee. I am able to walk and even jog a short distance.” —P. W. Chico

“My body feels so much better as it unwinds from old injury.  I never thought there would be this type of bodywork available for me to correct my muscle structure. Breaking up scar tissue and giving life back to my body has been the best thing ever done!”—G. W. Chico

“When I came to Jean Louise on the recommendation of a fellow triathlete, I had numerous chronic structural problems in my body. I had pain in my ankles, calves, hips and shoulders to name a few.  Rolfing and Jean Louise changed my life. I had the best racing season of my life. Not only did I perform better physically but mentally and emotionally as well... I’d forgotten what it felt like to move with ease and do a variety of physical activities without pain.”  —G. W. Chico