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10-Session Series of Structural Integration

During the sessions, the body's myofascial connective tissues, that is the layers of muscular and fascial patterns in the body, are thoroughly addressed to help them lengthen and organize. Dr. Rolf described this ability of the connective tissues to change their shape as a “plastic” quality. With controlled pressure and direction of the practitioner's hands, the myofascia of a person's body can be organized to most efficiently support that body within the gravitational field.

This ability of the fascia to change, is due to the biochemistry of its structural and fluid components that can change their shape when pressure is applied to it. Protein strands called collagen, comprise the structural component. They are embedded in the fascia's fluid medium called ground substance. Forces of stress can cause the protein strands of the fascia to become glued together and the ground substance to dehydrate. When this occurs, connective tissues around the joints shorten and compress, affecting their ability to naturally lengthen and return to their normal resting state. As pressure is applied to these adhered areas, the fascia can rehydrate and protein fibers separate to regain normal or above average freedom of movement into that area again.

Deep Tissue Myofascial Release

Jean Louise Green uses myofascial release techniques in her deep tissue work to help ease areas of strain and myofascial restrictions in the body. From a structural perspective, this work also helps to organize, balance, increase length in the body, and free range of motion at the joints. It is especially good for spot work in areas of injury.

Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage one hour session = $75.00
Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage 1.5 hour session = $95.00

Deep Tissue Classes with Jean Louise Green

Since 2005, Jean Louise Green has taught Deep Tissue Classes at Chico Therapy Wellness Center, a California state certified massage school in Chico, CA. As a senior staff member of the school, her classes include both a Deep Tissue 1 class and an advanced level Deep Tissue 2 class. The Deep Tissue 1 class is taught two times during the year and her Deep Tissue 2 class is taught once a year. Both are 30 hour classes held two weekends in a row from 9:00am to 5:30pm and are applicable towards continuing education credits.

The following are PDF documents regarding Deep Tissue Class information:

The BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation)

A free modality that Jean Louise offers her clients as a way to help integrate their bodywork after a session with her, is through the use of an electro-magnetic healing device called the BEMER. BEMER stands for Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation. An eight minute session on the BEMER mat can help stimulate the immune system, increase microcirculation in the capillaries, increase energy production, and support the rest and repair of the body.                       
     “Electromagnetic energy is known as the oldest form of energy in the universe. Since the beginning, nature has produced this form of energy as the basis for the proper functioning of all organisms.” Peter Gleim, president of Inomad International AG, the manufacturing corporation of the BEMER, a pulsed magnetic field device."

PDF documents regarding the BEMER:

The Far Infra Red Sauna

Sauna Fee: $15.00
One of the healing modalities I am pleased to offer my clients is the use of a far infrared sauna. The infrared sauna is especially good for detoxification after a Structural Integration session for people who are more congested with pain and strain in their bodies. Use of the sauna will require approximately forty five minutes following your session. The sauna helps a person quickly clear out toxins that have gotten stirred up in their body from the therapeutic bodywork. People feel much better more quickly with the use of the sauna after their Structural Integration session. An informational PDF document regarding the infrared sauna is entitled:

Prices at a Glance

Structural Integration aka “Rolfing” 1.5 hour session = $120.00
Structural Integration aka “Rolfing” one hour session = $80.00
Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage 1.5 hour session = $95.00
Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage one hour session = $75.00

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